About Our Company


With our iron-clad commitments to you and your trust in us, we shall then be able to grow well together.


Established in year 2004, appointed as the sole distributor of Fuji Elevator Co. Ltd. of Japan for the region of Indonesia.
" With strict Japanese Quality Control Discipline of Fuji Elevator Co., Ltd Japan , PT. Fuji Elevator Indonesia controls all stages of productions, from the manufacturing of the traction machines, control panels and cabin panels, outsourcing of materials such as rails and wire ropes, testing equipment, all the way to the packaging qualities. "
Alexander Tio, CEO

Core Values


PT. Fuji Elevator Indonesia is a company that is in the business of selling, supplying, installing, maintaining and modernizing vertical transportation equipment. Vertical Transportation includes Elevators, Escalators, Travelators and dumbwaiters.

Making sure that only the best equipment gets to our customers, at the best price, for the cost conscious customers, of course.


At the same time, PT. Fuji Elevator Indonesia offers other vertical transportation services such as load weighing test, building traffic analysis and equipment analysis, among many other services.

We utilized the latest tools and best technologies to make sure that our jobs are done with perfections.
PT Fuji Elevator Indonesia
Jl. Irian No 7, Jakarta Pusat,
Jakarta, Indonesia
(021) 3917511 | info@fujielevator.co.id
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